Based on the requirements of the business interest and to enhance confidence between the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank and the generous audience, and in line with the instructions and directives of the Central Bank of Iraq to spread banking awareness among customers and employees, protect the public and educate it because of its impact on financial stability, We at Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank of Iraq have approved the controls and procedures approved by the Central Bank of Iraq as a guide to the policies and procedures taken in particular where:

  1. A special department has been established for banking awareness and public protection responsible for educating and protecting the public and implementing the instructions issued by the Central Bank of Iraq.
  2. Approving the standard form for customer complaints, according to the instructions of the Central Bank issued on 07/30/2017, letter No. 9/4/333.
  3. The department examines the complaint submitted by the clients with whom it deals or has existing accounts according to the nature of the deal and the bank contracts concluded with them.
  4. Receiving the complaint submitted by the clients through one of the following means:
    • By an email addressed to the Banking Awareness and Public Protection Department CustomerSatisfaction@ADIB.IQ
    • By receiving phone calls on a free private phone to receive complaints, inquiries or customer suggestions on the number 80022888.
    • By personal mail or submitting a complaint personally by the customer in a designated place in every branch of the bank.
  5. The bank undertakes a thorough study of the submitted complaint and provides the customer with a message regarding the subject of the complaint and the procedures followed by the bank to address the subject of the complaint and send it to the customer's address fixed in the customer's file or through a message to the email registered with the bank and approved by the customer within a maximum period of 15 days from Date of filing the complaint.

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